Ramona James is a character featured in Nemo's fanfiction,Glee:The New Revolution. She's the adopted mother of  adopted mother of Sabrina Luke and Noelle Luke and will make an appearance in The Conflict Of Interest.

Ramona James
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 35
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Address: Lima,Ohio
Occupation(s): Pyschologist
Aliases: Jai Wu (birth name)
Mo (by Colby,Sabrina,Maura,and Noelle)
Family & Friends
Family: Unknown parents (estranged)
Colby Luke
Sabrina Luke (adopted daughter)
Noelle Luke
Maura Luke (partner)
Sexuality: Gay
Relationships: Maura Luke (partner)
Other Information
Interests: Being a good mom
Doing well at her job
Strengths: Family
Series Information

First appearance: The Conflict Of Interest
Portrayer: Yunjin Kim



Prior to The Conflict Of InterestEdit

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